skype engineers have been working with Freetalk on a super-secret project for quite a few months . The challenge was to produce a super – wideband audio headset for everyone, everywhere.
It’s now ready for public consumption – a plug-and-play super-wideband audio headset which gives you great quality Skype calls. It’s lightweight and folds flat so youcan throw it in your bag with your laptop.

Skype headset

The Everyman headset has an attractive, sturdy plastic design. It’s very adjustable –the headband adjusts to the size of your head and the flexible boom mic easily adjuststo the right place in front of your mouth. The mic folds up out of the way when you don’t need it, and the earpieces fold inward when you aren’t wearing the headset,taking up less space for travel and storage.

The headset connects to your computer via USB. In addition to the USB connection, the headset also has a regular 3.5 mm headphone jack, giving you extra flexibility to use the headset with your MP3 player or other device when you’re away from yourcomputer.

The FREETALK Everyman is a  Lightweight, comfortable, great-sounding but perhaps the best part is the price.
The Everyman is available in the Skype Shop for £18.51 in the UK, €19,88 in continental Europe and $22.88 in the US.

It’s great value and available now from the Skype Shop.

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